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Drosopoulos Seth has been occupied in Pricewaterhousecoopers as an external auditor which allowed him to communicate and cooperate with clients of various business sectors (including  trade, media, construction business and shipping).  A large Pwc clientele involving some of the biggest companies established in Greece has been audited by Mr Drosopoulos along with other team members and managers.


However,    his career  has evolved   more   closely to the accounting field. In particular, he has worked as a senior accountant in ARTION accounting services and LENCO ltd, while since 2010 he has established    an    accounting office    in Athens    (specialized in   bookkeeping, journal entries, VAT & tax   forms   preparation and   submission,   banks /  debtors/  creditors reconciliations, P'n'L, Cash flow statement  and   Balance sheet   preparation etc).


He is a qualified ACCA  chartered accountant with graduation planned for December 2013. This is one of the most respected accounting qualifications worldwide.


His professional background as mentioned above in combination to his academia credentials (he holds a 4 years duration Bachelor degree in economics and an international MBA from the best Greek state universities) demonstrate his strong quantitative and qualitative skills.